I’ve been a Miner for a Heart of Gold

Patsy miningI just read an email that reminded me that life is unpredictable and so are the sorrows that it causes.  Christmas time is here and yet, why is it that people do not look as if they remember what Christmas is all about?  Instead you see the looks of disappointment, frustration and panic.

I had a small conversation at the store last night with a cashier, who paid all of her bills and now cannot afford to buy a single gift for her children.  Ironically though, she can still give a genuine smile and say the words “its ok, we’re fine and we have far much more than others.” Isn’t that amazing!   In life we want far more than what is already in front of us.  And because of that we make ourselves unhappy.  This Christmas remember those who are right in front of you.  Hug them and tell them how much they mean to you and worry no more for the things that aren’t just right at this moment.  If we spend a lifetime trying to make everything right, then what time do we really have left for ourselves or our family?  Life is on a loan for all of us and I can’t help but believe that God would want us not to make it the best possible life within our own abilities and leave the rest up to him.

I know this year alone I have several things to be thankful for in my own life and even in the lives of others.  You see happiness is not measured in a box with pretty wrappings or in a billfold with green paper.  It is in your hearts and all those around you.  You can buy another gift, you can earn another dollar but you can never earn another chance at someone’s life.  Your smile and your hug can change someone’s heart just because you cared.  People are in all colors: black, white, green, blue and who knows what other colors.  But all our hearts beat the same, our blood runs red and sometimes fire-engine red at that!  The point is, past the color of our skin is a beautiful heart of gold inside all of us.  Some of us, we literally have to needle-nose the chains off and THEN, THERE IT IS “A HEART OF GOLD.”

Back to the cashier,  she knows financially she cannot give more to her children than what she has already provided:  a home full of mommys love, the electricity that she gives when she hugs her children and the warmth that fills her home right from her heart.  Money doesn’t have to be it all.  Yes, it helps but love goes so much further.   A small ten year old girl last night started a chat with me at soccer practice and reminded me that wierdos are in the vicinity but she cannot live in fear.  She knew the teenage boy that was murdered and set on fire some time ago, she sat and explained to me that life must go on and we learn from the past.  Wow, a ten year old girl!   She had seen hurt and knows hurt but yet she had so much kindness in her eyes as we spoke.  Life itself feels like a lifetime war if we allow it.  We have the power in our words to make things different.  Speak a word of kindness to one another, better yet tell someone else about some act of kindness done to you by another caring person.  And when all conversation fails,  tell them about the awesome God that has made a difference in your life.  My God just did!!!!

Patsy Calderon
Public Service Director
Carlsbad Radio, Inc


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