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DWSartEmployment in the area is on a slow increase. But, at the same time, jobs are going unfilled. I am told this is because too many of our neighbors can’t pass a drug test. It makes me wonder. I wonder why people who can’t pass a drug test are listed as “unemployed”. Shouldn’t they be listed as “high”? In this time of drug testing, nobody is likely to hire them. Will “unemployed” become a euphemism for “addicted”?

It’s like when movie and rock stars are put in the hospital for “dehydration.” It means they were too drunk or too drugged for too long to perform.

The problems with not admitting that there are different circumstances are obvious. There are people who cannot find work and people who because of alcohol or other substance problems are a danger to have in the workplace.

If you don’t draw a distinction, you can’t look for ways to help those who want help. If you don’t draw a distinction, you don’t have a real picture of what state the economy is in.

If the problem is that we don’t want to admit the growing problem, maybe the idea should be floated to the state legislature that we could restructure the reporting in a socially sensitive way. I would like to suggest that the current categories of employed and unemployed be supplemented with “dehydrated”.

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