St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Guys know why the symbol of the holiday is an arrow piercing a human heart. It’s not a metaphor. It’s a clinical description. It’s what the experience of venturing into a world where you don’t belong feels like.

Kim over at Gossett’s Jewelry has probably talked more husbands off a ledge around Valentine’s Day than anybody you know. She says that when men walk in and see the “bling” it is exactly the same effect as when a deer on the highway looks dead on into your headlights. Any rational thinking is gone.

Panic reins.

There are, I am assured, life saving measures that can be taken. I defer here to humanitarian workers in this field. Kim says for one thing, men should ask.

Yeah. I can see that happening.

She also says women should hint.

Now we’re talking. Make them big hints. Including make, model, price, color, size and a description of where it is in the store and what the box looks like.

Better yet, tell Kim and then hint that we should ask her.

Hey! That piercing sharp pain is starting to ease a little.

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