Joe the Gypsy

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard that Joe the plumber is coming to town. I have been keeping a look-out, and I have seen lots of new faces in town, but I can’t pick out Joe the plumber. What I do realize is that he would be hard to identify alongside all the dent fixers and roof repairers who showed up here after the hail storm the other day.

Is Joe the plumber another one of those itinerate handymen who chase fleeting opportunities like whimsy across the country?

If these auto body “dink” repair guys are bringing some skills or technology or speedy response we wouldn’t have otherwise, then more power to them. If a roof repair guy keeps my newly leaking room from damaging the structure of my home then I am all for them.

If these “ride in on a storm, go away like a breeze” opportunists are hurting our local businesses and are going to leave us in a bind after they are gone, we need to think about what they are offering.

If Joe the plumber is not going to fix my slow drain, but is going to get me and my neighbors talking about what government services you and I should be paying for and alternatively what you and I have no right to expect our neighbors across the street to have to help pay for, then what’s wrong with that?

The most important question could be; can any of these gypsies tell our fortune while they’re here?

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