High School Heroes Against Heroin

One of the things that school sports teach us is that the choices you make and the actions you take make a difference. If you choose to invest yourself, to develop teamwork and to persevere, you can reach goals. Bigger goals require more work and working smarter. Besides that, it can be a lot of fun.

I am feeling a bit sensitive about this at the moment partly because of the news passed on by Woods Houghton who forwarded us and folks on his mailing list the disturbing news about heroin use in Albuquerque. Before you and I start shaking our heads about how bad it is in Albuquerque, let’s think about it.

If it is happening in Albuquerque, it is just as likely to be happening here.

Let’s agree to make the right choices. Let’s support the student athletes in the State district baseball and softball playoffs in Carlsbad and Loving. Let’s support them now because they are making the healthy choice to be active in athletics.

My choices and my actions make a difference.

So do yours.

See you at the games.

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