Proud Caveman Homer

The clash of the gridiron has sounded again signaling the start of football season once again here in Carlsbad. Our boys in the Blue and White started off the season the Right Way, trouncing Roswell 34-6, and likewise beating Canutillo 38-22. Luck wouldn’t hold out for them, however, losing their last game against Las Cruces 21-42.

My question for you then, fellow football fans, is this: where were You when all this was happening? The is a proven link between a team’s success and the support that team recieves from the community, and more specifically the fans that show up to their games to root them on.Were you in the stands for the first two games, sitting at the edge of your seats as the Cavemen scored touchdown after touchdown? Did you find yourselves getting up and leaving when we weren’t doing so well, not wanting to witness our boys not so successful?

Will you be in line for the next game, even though we lost last time? You should be. The guys need your support when we’re winning, and even more when we’re losing. A strong, involved community makes for a successful team! So let’s all make sure to show up this friday to cheer our boys on! Our support may be all the difference they need to get back on a big winning streak.

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