Sticks and Stones don’t win votes but…

You can always tell its election season by the advertisements you see on television. Whenever it’s about time for people to visit the polling station, the campaigning starts, and it’s not always pretty. Negative political ads seem to be the thing of the day. The candidates on both sides of the partisan fence (especially those in Santa Fe) are raking the muck and pitching it in big gooey gobs across the line as fast as they can, trying to splatter it in their opponents’ faces.

Now, I enjoy a good mud fight as good as the next person, but is all this really necessary? It’s not always the content that I really object to, but the tone. Sometimes I get the feel like I’m watching a bunch of elementary school kids, pointing fingers and calling each other silly names. Ok, to be fair, I’ve never actually heard a candidate outright call their opponent a “poopie head”, but the intent is there. We don’t tolerate this kind of childish behavior from our children, so why is it we seem rather content to let our adult politicians get away with it? Shouldn’t we be jumping out of our seats, demanding our representatives behave themselves instead of condoning it through our passivity.

To be fair, one has to consider the content as well. If what is being said is true, then why should it be bad to air it, negative though it may be? Don’t we all need to know as much as we can about the people we’re voting for before we put them into office? I guess the most positive thing we can do is just take the ads we see on television with a grain of salt and make sure to turn up at the polls on election day to get our voices heard.

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