Punks with Paint

Do you remember in the seventies when the petty vandals who were painting graffiti everywhere began to be referred to as “street artists?” I remember hearing old guys saying that they were nothing but punks who had no respect for themselves or other people’s property. I was pretty young back then and it seemed kind of cool to me. I am over that now.
Am I getting old?
Driving by Allsup’s this morning I saw this guy is on side of building with cream colored paint trying to paint over some big red graffiti letters. It absolutely infuriated me to think about some stupid kid doing this and what the consequences are for the people that now have to clean up.
I don’t know if it is a gang problem or gang wannabe or fledgling “street artist.” It makes me mad. Really mad. Steaming mad.
Should I be this upset? What can I… or we… do about it?
Just fair warning to vandals with paint cans: You give me about half a chance and I’m about to get all “old codger” on your butts.

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