Shine Some Light on Recreational Drug Use

tflogoThere has been lots of titillating gossip here in Carlsbad about drug trafficking and ancillary bad behavior. I don’t know if any of it is true. I don’t want to know if a bunch of it is true. I don’t want to dwell on that aspect.
I have heard recently that young people only experiment with alcohol and drugs because “there is nothing to do in Carlsbad.” If you buy that argument, you have to explain why towns with many more distractions than Carlsbad have it just as bad or even far worse than we do.
I listened to a discussion this week about what Carlsbad could use in the way of outlets that could engage young people and keep them from being suckered into the killing trap of recreational drug use. I am unconvinced. We have the natatorium, the recreation center, the Boy’s and Girl’s club, softball, baseball, tennis, easy access to the river, fishing, skate boarding, hunting, biking, hiking, dance organizations, car clubs and lots more than I can list briefly. I am unconvinced that a few more things would dissuade anyone. Examine the “options” that the chief accused drug traffickers have had in their lives. Do you think they lacked other distractions?
I read some comments in recent weeks that the drug task force has been slow to respond to local recreational drug use. That doesn’t hold water either. Enforcement may very well have a deterrent effect, but by the time Law Enforcement is involved, the problem is already in full bloom.
Why do people of any age think it is okay to evade their lives? Why does anyone choose to deny personal responsibility for themselves? Why is it that pursuing a “high” can be more important than anything else? What responsibility do you and I have to value, cherish and celebrate sobriety?

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  1. drugs are not a respector of economic status….the poor use them …the rich use them…..people have been getting HIGH ever since the earth was created….the bible speaks of drunkenness often in the old testament…..Proverbs warns of the dangers of an idle mind…

    .I hear that the biggest problem in the oil field these days is finding someone that is “clean” to drive the equipment…..this drug meth is so cheap to get….but once you get it …it gets you!

    D.G. - July 31st, 2009 at 7:17 am
  2. You are definitely right about law enforcement entering these issues long after they have become full blown…and of course it is important to note that enforcing our laws in this area do not happen overnight! It takes 100’s of hours of documentation, surveillance, and manpower. And of course the manpower is usually “short-handed” and they literally put their lives on the line each day they go to their job.

    Not that they are the only people in life threatening jobs…I worry all the time about my husband when I know it’s 100+ and he is welding inside of a dryer with NO ventilation or 60 feet in the air working on rusted pipe. Many jobs can be dangerous but we surely agree that our troops and law enforcement face the unknown with each call they are asked to respond too.

    Bottom line? HOME is where MUCH responsibility and education should be!! Unfortunately, there is no test to determine who can be a parent…PARENTS ACTIONS (NOT WORDS) SPEAK LOUDLY!!! Not just the negative or destructive actions – but more importantly the actions of teaching morals, values, and just being there, taking time to know whats happening in their daily life.

    The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”…I have definitely learned to understand it! Our village has to consist of more than law enforcement and teachers…it needs parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, outside mentors, a full circle of support.

    Law enforcement can not possibly corral these deadly addictions alone.

    GB - July 31st, 2009 at 7:20 am
  3. You know as a teenager, i had the same curiousity as other teenagers.
    I made a few minor bad decisions and one of them was test driving
    marijuana. In todays world it is accepted that its not such a big
    deal compared to the drugs associated with our youth today. In all
    reality, pot was a big deal to our parents then just as meth or any
    drug is today. The world seems much more evil now than twenty years
    ago but its only the fact that we as people in such a blessed nation
    have allowed society to believe it is ok to be visible instead of
    discreet. Twenty years ago, you rarely heard someone admit,” I’m an
    addict!” Now a days, its casual talk. Too many people and too many
    kids have ruined their lives because it seems its allright. “Mom, I’m
    going to a party behind the eddy county jail but its ok the police are
    nearby.” Come on parents ask where your kids are going! Do your own
    research if you have doubts. It’s Carlsbad, not much can be kept
    secret around here! After all, we even know what Brad Light was
    wearing the night of his famous arrest! Our youth will direct their
    own paths but it is our responsibility to try and guide them. What
    they do with our teaching is on them. If you do your best then your
    the best! If you allow them to run around like wild animals without
    the basic survival techniques and the common sense from right and
    wrong then you have failed them as well as yourself. Parenthood is
    difficult but it is much more difficult to accept the fact that your
    child is gone from this world and you never tried to reach them or let
    alone tell them the ugly truth about what to do if someone tries to
    introduce drugs to them. I know teenagers pretend not to hear a thing
    we as parents have to say but if we show some concern about the
    problem and address it then they will know how to handle the
    situation. Which scenario is better? Child respecting himself and
    turning down the drug because they know what bad side effects it has
    in their health and their life or visiting your child in a pine box
    wishing you had told them about lifes ugly evils and DRUGS? You take
    your pick and go on with your wonderful life.

    Mother of Two - July 31st, 2009 at 7:28 am

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