The Three “aaaarghs” of In-service Training


Lots of parents cry out loud when they hear another inservice day is coming up. The trend here in Carlsbad schools and I guess everywhere has been to schedule more and more “in-service” hours.

I know that the schools are trying to train teachers and to help them achieve competencies that improve students’ outcomes and help teachers earn more. I don’t know if it is working. I don’t remember reading  of anyone claiming that teacher performance improves after these sessions. I don’t see the ‘riting of young job applicants here improving. I don’t know if anyone has done the ‘rithmatic.

“In-service” means the school is “out of service.”  It also means for plenty of working parents that they are “out of service.” It means that daily routines and local businesses with parents as employees and the local economy are affected. Are we sure the cost to the entire community is worth the benefits?

My question is: Do we have to stop teaching in the middle of school to train teachers? The loudest arguments from teachers arise from how it takes their “free” summertime to keep up with their training. If this is so, why are we doing more and more during the year?

Somebody teach me something here. Convince me this is the best method; or add up the costs and let’s do it differently.

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  1. Interesting topic, not only do they have one day in-services, they have
    half day one’s also. Talk about difficult for working parents the kids
    have to go to school half day (which what do they really learn in half a
    day?) then the parents have to figure out who is going to be home for the
    kids when they get home about noon or how are they going to get to a
    babysitter that you as a parent may have been able to find. Talk about an
    inconveinence. Not only for the parents but as a teacher how do you fit a
    curricullum into half a day when you know the childrens attention span is
    going to be very short????????

    K.M. - July 27th, 2009 at 6:13 am
  2. Hello! I am a teacher here in the Carlsbad district. You have some sound concerns, and I hope to be able to address them from where I stand.

    The leaders in the district over curriculum and instruction are extremely competant, and would never take instructional time away from the students that wouldn’t ultimately benefit them. When it comes to inservice, teachers receive instruction on methods that are found to improve student success based on valid research.

    I have sympathy for the parents, I am a parent. I have two questions for parents: 1) Who watches your children in the summer? Could they possibly watch them during these inservice days? 2) Are you aware that the calendar for the school year is usually available at the end of the previous year, or sometimes at the beginning of the school year? Okay, I’ve got another question, do you have a babysitter? If they are a high school student, perhaps you could pay them to babysit on those inservice days?

    I hope I have been able to clear up a few of your questions! It’s not a perfect system by far, but we are all trying very hard to make sure our children stay in school, and develop a life-long love of learning!

    Mrs. F - August 8th, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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