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Scott Vera

Smile seems like such a simple word. If more people practiced it the world could possibly be a better place.

How many times in recent months have you been out to eat or shopping and when you were greeted the employee had either a blank look or a frown on their face? Makes you feel really wanted doesn’t it? Now imagine the same scenario with the server actually giving you a smile and just being generally friendly.

Several years ago when I was a teenager and was just starting in the world of radio broadcasting I was introduced into the production room at KATK. I was handed a script and told to go ahead and lay down the voice for the ad. From my theater class in high school I had learned to enunciate. This is when you make your voice a little louder to carry a little further without yelling. Well that was good for a first timer but it just wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t bright enough. So I tried again. Still not right. So then I was told they wanted to see my method. Ah Ha! They figured out what the problem was. I was not smiling while I was reading the script. Smile for radio? Really, this is radio not TV. So I went ahead and took the advice. Wow, wouldn’t you know it made the difference. So now you have a little insight into what makes a radio personality sound so bright.

Scott Vera

Director of IT

TX,NM, & Mo.

US Cable of Coastal-Texas L.P

Scott also makes special appearances for Carlsbad Radio at events like remote broadcasts

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  1. Several months ago CARC, Inc, along with ACE, CDOD, NMSBDC, and the Chamber of Commerce (Yeah, I know, alphabet soup) hosted a Customer Service Seminar with ACCION New Mexico’s Leslie Hoffman. She illustrated a simple concept that was 100% true. Whether on the radio, telephone, or before any audience that cannot actually see the speaker, the smile (or lack thereof) can be heard and correctly interpreted. So smile … even when you can’t be seen because your smile will be heard! Thanks Scott.

    Preacher Dave Rogers
    Pastor, First Christian Church, Carlsbad
    Director of Marketing & Development, CARC, Inc.
    & Proud member of the Carlsbad Radio Family!

    Preacher Dave - August 25th, 2009 at 9:25 am

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