Sheli Kelly, Account Representative

Sheli Kelly, Account Representative

It’s half past Tuesday and I am reflecting on my weekend.

I enjoy “Sunday Driving”. Though I’ve been accused of doing it as a sport.

A friend was working at a car lot Saturday night… some big sale or something. So I stopped in to see him.

I know the guys there, so I thought it’d be a hoot to see if they’d let me drive something of theirs for the day. They obliged.

I had a time figuring out what to drive… thought “Which one’s me; A cool convertible or an S.U.V.” (Yes, watch too much television… this credit goes to freecreditreport.com).

After I put much thought into the vehicle choice, I picked The Blue One. A cute lil’ feller this one.

You familiar with the term, “Drive it like you stole it”? I am. Truthfully, I drove it like I’d eventually be accused of stealing it… so, speed limits applied.

Went and got something to eat.

Cruised The Drag.

Honked at some passers by… {because I couldn’t figure out how to manage the “Smart Key” feature. Apparently it is much smarter than me.}

Went home, took a nap.

Drove back to the car lot.

Bought the vehicle.

I, now, am the proud new owner of a great big debt!

But these things make me happy.

Much like my sales position.

Guess we’re not supposed to mention names here, so I will.

These guys at the lot were Elated to see the Elation on my little face as I tumbled out of the rig.

Who was happier? I don’t know. Pretty sure these guys are down with the One Born Every Minute theory.

What’s my case… What’s my Point?

It’s This:  Just Do IT. Don’t wait to be “done”, before you do it.  Just…

Cross your eyes, doc your tea, and then

And THEN. Make yourself go out and earn what you got. Yeah. This works for me… for the most part. You know the sayings: Greener grass; Owning up to your decisions; Live like there is no tomorrow; Haste makes waste; Time is not on your side; a Stitch in time…; The early bird; Count Chocula (threw that in there as it’s my fave cereal); No pain, no gain; The Golden Rule; Look both ways; Step on a crack…; He who laughs…; Keep your enemies…; Pray for your bretheren; Spiders are aweful; Too many Indians; the funky Cold Madina; Let your freak flag fly….   Alright! Get it?

I did.

I got it.

And it’s Blue.

Mopar Blue.

That’s it. That’s all.

Sheli Kelly
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  1. Love that color….so much so we are going to paint the Van the same….don’t know that we will be be “Driving it like we stole it” but it should definately be eye catching

    Don - September 15th, 2009 at 11:00 am
  2. Good foryou Sheli, sounds like you are doing ok

    Debbie Walker - September 16th, 2009 at 7:44 am

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